About Finding Alice

Finding Alice is designed for Wildflowers

Remember when you were a child and felt like you could do anything you wanted in the whole wide world?

You could dream as high as the stars, be a superhero, touch the rainbows and explore your great big universe with wonder.

Nothing could hold you back. Fun and adventure were all that mattered. That's what Finding Alice is all about.

If you are reading this and grinning while your heart aches for those glorious days - you are an original Wildflower. And if you like what you see here in my sunny corner of the internet, you're probably raising your very own Wildflower.

Why Finding Alice?

Like the legendary story, Alice in Wonderland, Alice believes in the impossible. She is a free thinker and is strong in in the face of doubt. She believes in herself and in finding her own way. She stamps her own personality on all she does. Adventure is her greatest teacher.

I’m Bonnie, founder of Finding Alice. I create a range of clothing that encourages your daughter to develop, and grow her confidence, while embracing her own sense of style. Including a range of fun, bright t shirts with an emphasis on feminism. I believe that children should have freedom to explore who they are and how they see the world. Play is integral to that discovery and children shouldn't be restricted by their clothes - or what they are expected to wear.

We should all find our inner Alice and encourage our daughters, sisters, and friends to always be true to who they are. Weaknesses, strengths, mismatched shoes, and all. Sometimes the bravest thing you can do is be yourself.

Finding Alice is vintage inspired, handmade clothing for adventurous little girls

Clothes are about self-expression, so I set out to make quality, durable clothes that are designed to inspire and embrace those adventures that children naturally seek out. With lashings of retro details, wondrous prints, and splashes of colour, I make clothes for girls who want to wear things in their own way.

Each piece can be mixed and matched. Wherever possible my clothes are adjustable so your child can get maximum wear. My clothes give your Wildflower freedom to move and be active. Finding Alice is durable enough to handle adventurous play and versatile enough to wear with verve.

You can learn more about our adventures here

Love her but leave her wild - Atticus