Behind the Scenes

Each item listed on the website has undergone testing by myself and my trusty  2IC, Ellie. I'm quality control. Ellie is my chief comfort and durability tester .


With each new fabric that comes in. I cut a small sample and send it to the Finding Alice Boot Camp. It is put through the wash multiple times using the care directions. Tested for shrinkage and fade. Ironed, stretched and pulled. If it doesn't pass. It isn't used.


Wooden buttons are machine stitched on, threaded through the back and knotted by hand. Brass buttons are applied following instructions and tested to ensure proper application. If for what ever reason you do lose or damage a button. A spare is attached to your item.  

Vinyl Print 

I use high quality vinyl with a beautiful soft feel, matt finish and CPSIA certification. Each design is applied to a fabric sample, washed, ironed, stretched and treated like it's had a day at a toddlers birthday party. The only time your new tee needs to be treated with love is when it is washed. Please follow your care instructions.


Before I use a new pattern it is tested by my toughest critic. Ellie (patiently) tries on, wears and brutally critiques each and every piece. If it doesn't pass with Elena. It doesn't make the cut.     

I want you to be overjoyed with your Finding Alice purchase. If for any reason it does not met with your expectations, please let me know. Every pattern, fabric, button and thread is tested, opened and closed, before I send your order to you. As hard as I try. I am human. If I've missed something, let me know. I will do what I can to fix it.

Bonnie xxx